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Hello in the brand new, still shiny year,
Once again decision was made not to plan anything hobby-related for the nearest, predictible future (no idea why but such planning never works for me…) but all I silently hope is I can finish infantry swarm for my Bolt Action US army.But before that I wanted to give a try to something rather unusual: microscale stuff.
Where did that come from:
Something like 25 years ago my dad brought Battletech board game to home.
It was a blast: these were the very first models I’ve seen ever, besides in mid 90’s miniatures hobby for something extremly exotic here, and quite unavailable. Brain damage was even more severe because those days I was like 13 years old kid?
Anyway the game was something way too big for me, so cannot recall it was ever played…
Bit later, while I was on hobby convention (about 3 years ago) I met some nice guys from Polish Battletech / Alpha Strike community and was really surprised that game is still on.Moreover, new models are still being released!So just after coming home I started looking for miniatures and found short run of resin mechs: I managed to get Catapult, Adder/Puma, Jagermech, Wolverine, Cataphract and Battlemaster.
I really had and still have no idea are those good choice for the gaming purposes, I simply picked models I liked from limited offer.
Quality of sculpts (or rather renders) is just great, no match for oldie, classic scupts from the board game.
Painting such stuff was quite a new experience for me but I am glad I can see them now in the glass case. So here’s the result, hope you like those:

Adder/Puma:This one has been painted probably in 2016 but the result wasn’t somthing I was looking for so the paint was washed off to give model another shot. I was bit worried how breaking fluid would work on fragile, resin model but everything turned out fine. So here’s before:

And here’s after. I’ve finally found use for those silly decals from Chaos Space Marines box.
Looking at pics I can see the model turned out kinda rough, so I think I might give it some more glazing to make it smoother:

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