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Zombies are (dead) cool

Hey again,
Once again good ol’ hobby got serious pounding from real life, but no matter how bad if gets I am desperately trying not to forget how to handle a brush and roll dices.
Do you hear me, Mr Real Life? GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!
Ekhm… So what does that mean anyway?
Since the last post I’ve managed to roll my Bolt Action US army to battle twice (getting my ass kicked big time last Saturday night…) and also painted bunch of oldie zombies washed off recently.
Zombies are definitely cool models to paint:there’re lots of ranges, systems and manufacturers to choose from and since lots of weirdo (and funny) things might happen to body after it kicks the bucket – deaders can be painted using whole range of colors available, which exactly is what the hobby should be about. Having fun with painting.
5 models from the group below are metal GW deaders from ~’92-’93. Although these cannot be compared straight to „new wave” zombies (you know: dynamic poses, high quality of details, digital design and whole that modern shit) I think those old farts are my favorite range. There is something about playing with hand-sculpted models.The last one, dude with skeleton right arm, was built using some spares found in the bits box. Body organs came from GW multi-part zombies set, which I’ve never been big fan of, head was borrowed from Mantic Games donor.
Whole group has just reinforced my everlasting 2500 Middlehammer Undead army project. Since it’s just fun thing (frankly I don’t really expect to see it finished ever, not mentioning rolling the dead horde to battle…) zombies were painted with different ways and colors, just to keep up with 90’s GW aesthetics. For those who don’t know: 4/5 WFB edition armies were candy sweet…
My only regret is I haven’t noted down color combos practiced on the models below – some colors turned out quite nice and wouldn’t mind seeing those on more corpses.
Anyway – looks like I need 5 models to fill the last row, and further 4 to replace necro-supernumeraries:

While looking for proper head for the plastic zombie I ordered frame of skeleton warriors and zombies from Mantic Games. Those are „new” zombies (true) but they should fit the unit just fine. Really cannot wait to see the block of corpses finished so I can skip to skellies.
And what next?Since we came back to wargaming and since my army is still licking wounds after crooked victory of those damn Brits I hope to move some more cannon fodder to the painted side of the force. I definitely need one more full squad of regular infantry or at least enough models painted to upgrade existing units to max size.
There’s also nasty surprise waiting for my opponent it the paint shop. Really cannot wait to see what it’s worth in the field…


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