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M3 Stuart

This time another piece of (very light) armour rolled out from my painting station: M3 Stuart.
It’s actually another Stuart tank in my battleforce: the previous one has been armed with flamethrower to deal with enemy tanks and spread panic among infantry.
This one is my response for hordes of melee berzerkers my opponent is fielding. Goddamn brit army… ><
Painting is simple and fitting rest of my forces, but it also was test for my oldie airbrush. I didn’t expect spectacular results, I was actually quite sure after years of being unused, the airbrush would be as good as dead.But it turned out it’s still operational (after some cleaning) so looks like I might finally get some terrain pieces painted. Not mentioning larger models…
The model got extra petrol canisters from M8 Greyhound set, backpacks hanging on the other side are (probably) spares from M3A1 halftrack.
All in all I am quite satisfied – finally I’ve managed to paint model clean, at least compared to the rest of my vehicles. Thing I do not like is dirt / dust on tracks:I used mix of light grey and yellow chalk to make it look like riding through dry countryside but it’s barely visible. Any ideas?
Maybe adding some sand to the mixture to create some texture?
Or maybe adding much more chalk would do the trick?
Dirty or not – hope you like it anyway: 

And the last thing:I am about to finish zombie regiment for Undead army project. There’s still one rank missing, but I’d like to see it made of olschool deaders.Maybe any of you have spare/unused zombies from the ones below to sell/trade? I need like 3-4. Sure I can use plastics but definitely would like to see the unit as metal as possible.I don’t need new pieces: don’t mind missing weapons, I can wash paint etc.
When I get models I’ll try to prepare zombie painting tutorial / walkthrough, since there’s been some questions about dead flesh color on my corpses.

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