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The house that Demi built

Hello again,
I am still gathering strength to start working on US infantry for Bolt Action game.No idea why but somehow just cannot force myself to expand the force – working on these models has always been fun after all.
Maybe it’s a weather thing? Nowdays it’s just fucking hot in the shithole I live in.

Anyway while „trying” to bring another engineers squad to battle I’ve managed to add additional terrain piece to make field of glory even more cute.

The piece is country cottage, which I got together with M3 Stuart light tank.
It’s laser cut mdf – nowdays ther’re lots and lots of such bits for Bolt Action and other games.
Must say it’s worthy consideration investment: damage resistant, easy to assemble, easy to cut, drill and modify.

As for mine I only added the base and covered flat roof with cardboard roof tiles.
It was painted fast last night ’cause I wanted to see it  ready for tomorrow match so windows and door look damn flat (what can you expect from layer of paint and layer of glaze).
Same is for the chimney – idea was to make it look smoke dirty and the result is like someone was too lazy to assemble an airbrush and do the thing right…

Still – enough for gaming purposes:

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