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German Heer test

Heya for the last time in 2018 probably,

Looks like Bolt Action has totally dominated my webspace. So what’s on menu today?
Warlord Games’ placcy German Heer infantryman.
This is rather unusual for me, ’cause from what I recall until now I’ve painted only Hetzer and that  funny, unknown corporal below from zee Germanz range:

When I was coming back from September „Road to Berlin” event I got Heer infantry model from my Bruder – wanted to paint one of these for a while, these plastics seemed to be really cool.And actually were: Warlord Games did really great work on plastic intantry. I can definitely recommend this stuff. In fact it was so cool I almost regret my US horde is pure metal (just check new US infantry box).Almost…
So here it is anyway: wasn’t aiming to paint uniform from any specific period, but rather mixed some black, white and blue and gave it a try. In the end model got wooden plinth and ended up as gift piece.
As for the model itself: sculpt is nice and sharp, plastic is easy to work on (file, cut etc.)  and this line of soliders is basically uniform, some leather elements (belts, boots), rifle and face. Which means work goes pretty fast and easy especially after finishing a couple of minis to find proper color combo. 
I was having fun working on this fella so I think I’ll ask my bro for one or two more to paint, maybe this time I can get an officer or at least NCO…

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