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Hello again!

It’s another Sunday so it’s once again time to spread some demi-spam into the webspace!
Unfortunately this time it won’t be much of it but hey – it’s still better a bit of cake than just nothing 😉

So passing week was definitrely dominated by Fallout 3… I can’t say it’s a reason to be proud of but these are the facts and I’m not gonna lie on my personal site.
When I purchased the upgraded game (Game of the year edition) and read there are 5 expansion sets included I had NO IDEA this will distract me from anything else for whole week…
One of modifications is your character can reach 30th level instead of just 20th but after I grabbed shotgun, drugs, some grenades, drugs and trusty assault rifle* and went to Point Lookout… well I knew I should get much more experience before going there.
New missions are lots of fun so if you have no idea for Xmas gift (or any other gift actually ^^ ) Fallout 3 is good investment 🙂

Enough video games for now – the blog should be concentrated on miniatures so let’s go back on tracks.
So the first info is I got new toys: there are two of them, they are plastic and they are necron warrions from my friend Sławol from Chest of Colors painting community. I wanted to paint these metalheads for a long time but somehow saw no reason for getting whole box just to paint a single model. But When I learnt Sławon was painting whole necron army for a commission (and asked politely) he agreed to share some unused figures with good’ole Demi.
Thank you mate!
These will be painted as security bots from abandoned ship wreck or some king atomic-holocaust shelter (as you can see F3 themes are dominating my hobby now…).
And as for proper enviroment for the necrons last week I checked Hirst Arts site – these guys are selling molds for making sci-fi labyrinth in Space Hulk fashion. With these molds plus some creativity I could easily make enclosed modular gaming space with all those cameras, turrets, patrolling bots etc etc!
The idea is so crazy I WANT to do the thing! Especially I have whole room to keep such game table! The only problem is the thing would be damn expensive: ~$150 for molds + probably ~$200 for resin for a start is sad perspective for my wallet 🙁
We’ll see: it will be long-term project and there’s a chance after summer I will get another source of finance for the hobby so who knows – maybe the first game will be during Xmas time?
As for painting itself – I was a fucking slacker and I admit it.
I had a plan to paint base colors on Chaos lord and finally put the model on Ebay and also to start painting Nurgle palaquin (one ot the most characterful Chaos models) but all I did was
assembling them… Because of the stupid F3 I didn’t even make bases for any on these!
But as „punishment” I decided to make 2 bases for auction model: one for gaming and other for display case. The happy client will get both of them. I hope this will motivate me to sit tight and paint instead of setting traps for deathclaws and yao guais.
But the fact I wasted most of the feek didn’t mean I haven’t painted anything at all!
Yup – I painted and sent away gift model #3: bile thrall and with that my Cryx force has no biles to command.
The model was sent last Wednesday morning and I thing there’s a chance the recipient will get it tomorrow. Let’s hope he’s not reading it because I really didn’t want to spoil the surprise.
Sure I could not mention about it at all but there’s one tough rule here: I want to have one model finished per week (average) and I can only blame myself for playing F3 instead of painting sth else to write about 🙂

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