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Probably the only reason to like winter

Hello again

Once again there’s not much going on in the hobby area – because of exactly the same reasons as recently.
Buuuut „not much” doesn’t mean „nothing” so it turned out I finally managed to make a tiny bit of progress on the buggy while waiting for the driver’s proper torso. And stuggling against life challenges that is…
The progress means preparing main structure of the base for the vehicle. It’s supposed to be simple and sunny – the weather is just fucked up here: snow, rain, dog shits and fucking idiots just everywhere.
So at this moment there’s piece of desert, fence and test „wanted poster”. I will use these for buildings on gaming table and for the test I used my very own ugly head hehehe.

I am also taking step – by – step piccies so sooner or later (later – let’s be frank about it) another tut will join the Plinth Country spam box. Also according to the mole in the Hobbyworld the stuff might be printed in Gameforces zine – we’ll see.

What else? It turned out my kid is solid material for black metal fan.
Yup – there’s no shit about it. Last Saturday I was trying to make him sleep and his reaction for Burzum was far beyond my expentations. True – it was „only” Hildskjalf album so nothing loudy and screamy but Varg definitely used to create music with character – damn dark character.
Hope the next band I will introduce to the kid will be something Call of Cthulhu related – he’s still bit too small for Troll or Anaal Nathrakh.

And the last thing for this log – the game!
I barely lost any hope for an underhive (or better: ash wastes) sparring in January but it happened last Saturday night.
We played the first game of the campaign planned for whole year – this time Deco chose scavengers scenario so Scavvies and Orlocks (gang built purely on old Warzone minis) were fighting for a loot counter.
After the game we both agreed the table works: there’s so many places to hide the game finally looks like proper Necromunda match should.

I didn’t plan taking any pics but I took one from above the table in the very end of the evening. Tge table is ready for painting – just waiting for spare evening to do it. Right now the Ramshackle spider got the color as well as some other metal elements.
The plan is to paint silver whole steel on the table yet before applying sand. It’s much better idea than repainting silver sand into sand – color again…

And the last thing – probably the only reason to like winter is field fridge =D
Leaving the gaming bunker in the middle of brutal combat just to bring fresh beer is so annoying but thank to plastic basin and some clear snow rom the garden (the tip for this week: do NOT use lemon snow for it… Do not use lemon snow for anything actually) we get this =D

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