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Still not much painted but…

Heyah again,

Once again I cannot report a model has been painted (which means I haven’t finished a single miniature this year…) but something was going on anyway.
Let’s just hope soon I will be able to update any of my galleries with painted stuff – no time for hobby is getting more and more annoying.

So the first serious candidate for paintjob is the Slaanesh terminator:
last week I think I managed to finish assembling the guy and more-less finished version is below. I realise lots of people thinks the banner is just silly idea but I haven’t used paper banner for ages so it’s high time for a change.
I am still looking candidates for proper standard so if you have any ideas or suggestions – just shout, I will be grateful for any help. I was thinking about sth like this but all in all „classic” Warhammer banner seem to be more appropriate. We’ll see.

Despite time for hobby is VERY limited I am still trying not to forget how to handle a brush and recently I added more paint on the buggy I got from Artur and deeply hope to finish main works on the vehicle this weekend.
I was taking pictures of step-by-step while painting so there might be spawned an article about it when the job is done and if the result is satisfying. It was really cool experience to use some military models painting tricks on the model – hope you like the current result.

And bit more advanced wip – on the final base.

As for the gaming – my sparring partner has FINALLY found old platform he bought ages ago and moreover – he decided to sactifice it on the altar of the Necromunda modular gaming table.
Unfortunately he used superglue to assemble the pieces so I had to break it and re-assemble using hot glue gun to fit the bunker below. Another strategic spot for heavy weapon operator has just been created so the next time I have to purchase plasma cannon for my Eschers hehehe…
The pic is quite shit but it was made using cellphone only so that should explain everything. Final pics will be way better.

And last but not least: shopping.
I didn’t plan it but it was pretty good deal so all in all I didn’t resist the temptation. I got old dark eldar haemonculi (to be used as cenobite priest for small Slaanesh warband), metal Arhiman – teally nice mini to be painted and sold on Ebay and old mounted demonette (with a bit of luck I will replace the rider with chaos marine). In the Slaves to Darkness book there was sth similar in 'Eavy metal section.
Hope not to ruin the steed – I really like these ugly fuckers.

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