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It happened, it really happened! Last weekend I painted something!

I had no idea it will be such a joy but I think I am coming back to life after the exam trauma. So as you can easily guess what I finished is the buggy.
Sadly I gave up some ideas I had planned for this piece and just considered the model done, because I think I just spent too much time on a single piece – and moreover: the piece which cannot be used in Necromunda gaming 😉
But all ideas are noted down and one day I might come back to the project and add some stuff to make it more characterful.

I also discovered the reason why wip shots were so fucked up:
I haven’t noticed wrong camera setting – portrait instead of macro. Better late then never I suppose. Hope you like the semi-final effect below:

Whate else?
The next day after taking pictures of the buggy I felt power-boosted and started painting another model – one of my scavvies, which turned out to be pretty nasty fucker in one of previous games.
I didn’t on too much but after a few hours I realised the model might be finished by the evening and that’s what actually happened: about 10PM I was applying the final layer of protective layer (not as matt as the producer claims) and the first scavvy from new wave of painting is here: Cayman (that’s the bastard in the middle)

Have no idea why the damn camera didn’t want to focus properly on the minature that’s why I took group photo. One day when the whole gang of shite eaters is ready I think I will ask mahon for a pro pictures of the whole band.

The next day I was hoping for another painting-boost and prepared another nasty scavvy for some paintjob but apart from pinning the legs and finishing the base all what was done was the base.
After I realised there’s no chance for spending a few hours on the model I made set of new tox bomb markers for the boss. Most of games we play last not more that 5 rounds so 3 markers should be just enough to make some opposing gangers glow in the dark hehehe…

As for our ash wastes campaign:
last Sunday 7th round of the campaign was played: Eschers vs Orlocks were fighting for the loot (Scavengers scenario that is). The game started slow and kinda boring: we were both trying to sneak up to 2 loot counters, grab them and get the hell out of there but suddenly everything changed:
both Deco and I realised we can wipe out a few of enemy models so all in all several gangers started acting pretty stupid and the final result was bullet in head of one of my lasgunners. Eventually my opponent grabbed loot counter and run away so in the theory the victory was mine but loosing an experienced ganger always hurts.
Good news is I managed to save enough credits to replace lasgun of one of my heavies with something much more proper and… hot…

And last but not least – clickable piccies has been finally added thank to Hellspawn’s big help – cheers dude! I knew slackroom could be used for something useful! =P

That’s it for now!

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