6 sierpnia, 2021 Piotr Mikians 0 Comments

Pyrkon 2015

Hey again,
I had lots of fun during last weekend because of Pyrkon convention.I was there last year just passing by but it was so cool I just couldn’t miss it again. Next time I hope to take kiddo and wifet – might be fun.
Anyway it was big event, really big!And there was probably everything sci-fi / fantasy related: prelections, games, cosplays, exhibitions, meetings with authors – you name it.
Of course I spent most of time with wargaming – finally I had opportinity to play some more Full Thrust and see Battletech in action (was really surprised there are still people playing that thing). It was also good reason to take Fabius Bile & Da Rotten Boyz and Chaos Dragon for a very long walk. Some photos I managed to take – below

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