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Road to Berlin 2018 – PICS HEAVY!

Last weekend I had great pleasure to participate in local Bolt Action gaming event, organized by Tricity community (you check their webpage and facebook sites): Road to Berlin.
All in all these were 2 days of gaming: there were planned 5 battles for each player, each from different front / war theater.
But it gets better: there were 3 different scenarios in each of the fronts, all prepared especially for this event so whole thing was also big testing ground.

Initially I wanted to write as much as possible about everything, but there’s just too much of it!
So just know that it was ton of fun, lots of gaming and friendly players around, no unhealthy competitive atmosphere and beautiful, damn inspiring, game tables.

So feast your eyes!

Next post I’m coming with old routine: few pics and more babbling.

Overall look on empty tables, Saturday morning:

My first game.those sneaky Germans managed to steal enough fuel to win the match. This was lots of fun nevertheless (thanks Zimmer!):

Second game.This time I had more luck and managed to defend brick factory: 

And the last battle of the day.
Another success – my trusty force managed to protect city supplies against hungry Germans and therefore saved the population from inevitable starvation…

Sunday game.
It was the last match for me: enemy, which now was nazi-Brits, tried to deliver mad scientist / war criminal / spy to the submarine. Sadly I didn’t manage to stop them.There was lots of shooting and fun – despite the final result*: 

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