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Hello again on warm summer Sunday!

The biggest news of the week is I’ve finished writing my thesis!
It is 100% done (I think) but I’m not sure I like results of the researches – according to this during last 6 months prices of real estates in my region rised by ~1,6%.
Do you think it’s acceptable? Are there any real estate valuers reading this? 😉
The only problem is the professor said he won’t check thesis during research but only the final version so let’s keep fingers crossed for that…

Anyway I finished boring stuff about Thursday and to get relaxed I decided to paint something:
I chose one of 2 bile thralls left of the squad I painted for Gone Muddin’ NQ challenge.
In fact I decided to paint this puking dude as gift for my old friend with who we started miniatures hobby adventure and who is the only one left here still playing wargames. During several years of playing Warmachine I remained faithful to the beloved Cryx while my friend was changing armies trying to find the best defence against Dragonfather’s iron fist. The sign on the plinth will remind him there’s only one THE best army to play with 😉
Thanks mate for everything!

I also took some pics of the model before adding the writing> I actually had to because the photo will be used in store so anything hiding plinth would be more than unwelcome. For more views of the model – justr hit the photo below:

That’s it for pic in this post but it’s not the end of the news!
In the middle of the week I won mounted Chaos Lord on auction (pretty cheap I must say) so I hope recieve it tomorrow or on Tuesday. I’ve always liked it but somehow found all GW stuff orevpriced to get it from stores. In fact I can only admire people who pay full price for these minis…
Cheap or not – the model is on the way and I will paint it – for Ebay. My previous mounted lord
had no problems in finding new home so I think this one will also be good investment.

And speaking of auctions – I also put PS3 Fallout on auction – I finished the game 4 times so far so it’s time to find something new to put into the console. Who knows – maybe Borderlands…? 😉

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