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The week is coming to the end so it’s time to update the site.
There was prerry much going on: the most important thing is I finally got tattoo finished!
I’ve been waiting for this for a while and I’m so glad the picture is complete now.

The pic above ain’t spectacular but the tissue has to heal so green tones blend in nicely. After that I can take proper photo of the whole thing.
While the tattoo was being finished I’ve been talking with tattooist about expanding it even more so I think sooner or later I will visit the studio again… The only problem to solve is what do I want want to get inked first: chest, back or low arm. Well see 🙂

As for miniatures matter I decided to wash off Rackham troll. Assembling it took me lots of time and painting is ~1/3 done but I don’t like the direction it’s going. Apparently the more I try to paint something not in my standard way – the more zombish figure I get. But during painting I got some ideas for converting troll into sci-fi model so it should turn out unique.
So troll is to go and instead working on this model I FINALLY started painting palaquin of Nurgle!
Painting the champion was fun as I supposed it would be but the trone itself is just silly: I know the sculpt is old but parts of it are just ridiculous. Hope whole piece will turn out nice after banners and nurglings are painted. I will base it on wooden socle – they should be added to the store next weekend.

The last thing for today is another another plinth from the offer got model.
It’s oldschool night goblin which I painted pretty long time ago for Forces of Darkness project on Chest of Colors forum – project I never managed to bring to the end. There are more minis painted for the same purpose so sooner or later they will appear on new bases.

And there’s one more technical update of the Plinth Country site: on the left panel you can find Tutorials section – it’s just temporarly version but I hope to see there whole module with articles
and not just links to the blog. That will probably mean the tutorials will appear only on PC site and not on the blog but it’s nothing sure until I see the module finished and installed.

That’s it for now – see ya next Sunday!

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