4 sierpnia, 2021 Piotr Mikians 0 Comments

Embalmed yet I breathe!!!

Heya after long break!

I actually didn’t think corpse of this site would be ever reanimated but here it is: embalmed yet it breathes hehehe…

But seriously: combination of not much to do during long hours in the office + bunch of stuff which doesn’t fit boards I hang on caused the necromancy decision.

So for starters there’s a hope soon I will get some more hobby time – the practice started last year is going really fine and I should finish it this year (with small Cthulhu’s help).

Also the articles section of my other site is slowly growing and I am hoping to add at least one more walkthrough shortly.
So looks like that’s all for the reanimation post – see you sometimes later.
And below – teaser of the coming article.

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