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Getting rid of some more miniatures…

Hey again,
It’s great to post some news even though it’s mostly shameless advertising ^^Because of personal issues some more models from my display case are looking for new home and this time the time has come for Moria troll and Nightmare helljack.
Moria troll was converted into scaly for my Necromunda gang and I must say it’s been doing MUCH better armed with 2 crude hand-to-hand weapons, than using original scaly’s range weapon.It was also my entry for Frothers Unite online painting contest.But life is brutal no matter how useful this particular scavvy was -if you are looking for chaos mutant just follow the link, I don’t think the troll has anything against fighting alongside goblins in deep mines of Moria.
Moria troll

(pic will be uploaded shortly)

Another model is a must-have for Cryx Deneghra warcaster (both Warwitch and Wraitch Witch): Nightmare – unique helljack.Not only it’s a killer machine on the battlefield but also it was my entry for No Quarter painitng challenge which got printed in the inssue #25 – you get that issue together with model, all you need is click link below and place one, little bid… One in a life chance to support the battlegroup with „famous” model! ^^ 

Cryx Nightmare Helljack

(pic will be uploaded shortly)

But let’s get back on Earth again for a bit:last week we had another game of Necromunda 2013 campaign – and this time I was FINALLY able to field Eschers: these punk bitches were facing very advanced gang of Orlocks so they didn’t manage to fill Hit and Run scenario objectives.But the game was really enjoyable – despite 2 of eschers went out of action, none of these died or got some nasty arm, leg, eye or boob wound.
Just before the battle I examined bits and terrain features available and tried to finish 7th gaming module. With a bit of luck I should be able to apply some sand and gravel on the surface tonight, so the next game is played using this board.
And the last thing but definitely no the least:
another article has been added to the tutorials section of the blog – this time it’s short painting tutorial and the victim was zombie standard bearer. Hope you find it useful!

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