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Something wicked is coming through the swamp…

It’s been a very long way but the end is near…Last week the beast has been attached to its plinth, the edges were secured with masking tape ready for artifical water so below it’s the last work in progress shot from painitng the oldie zombie dragon.
I’m not writing more about the model because the next post (when whole resin is dry) will be 100% dedicated to that project but you can see more-less the final result. Whole piece has been sprayed with matt varnish to set pigments used for some shading and for base but I think it will be also sealed with super matt Revell varnish.
There’s never enough of protection plus taking photo of matt object (especially the banners) should be easter and more effective. We’ll see…

Anything more?

Hell yeah! Also last week I got a day off work for blood donation. After the fluid of life* was pumped out from my veins system I had some free time which was just enough to get into gaming spot and put the first layer of paint on the gaming table.
It’s finally happening! The colors are appearing! The vision of playing games using PAINTED miniatures and PAINTED table is materializing!

I was bit worried because it was my very first attempt of painitng such a thing, but I am quite satisfied of the result after paint dried. I think I will add another layer to make the structure more battle damage proof – I used heavily diluted water based paint mixed with lots of white glue. The next step is drybrushing some mild sand color to make whole area look more less like nice ash wastes with a touch of rust. 

And the last thing for this update.
Last but not dreaming… Hmmm… Dead but not least? Hmmm… Last but not least?

Last Thursday I took a visit to the tattoo parlour from where Great Cthulhu has risen about 3 years ago. Getting inked is a pleasant thing but it’s also quite addictive (God… errr… let’s say Great Ancient Ones know why actually) so some time ago I decided to pull the sleeve down from right arm to just above the wrist.
After ~3,5 hrs of work here’s more-less the current state of the picture. For now it’s just a nightgaunt and the well teaser, some more will be revealed after the next visit to the parlour. Again I took some photos while the tattoo was applied so after whole piece is done (hopefully about March) I should have enough material for another article.

I just hope with this sleeve the lust for ink will be totally fulfilled…


*which in my case is formaldehyde

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