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And now something completely different: hipo-griffon

Hey again, long time no see!
Past time was pain in the ass for me – work issuses and flat renovation (4 bloody weeks…) managed to keep me away from the hobby but I hope to be back at least for a while.Or for painting some zombie models… 
Nevertheless there’s been something going on:first of all I sold most of my Brotherhood models from oldie Warzone – bit over 60 pieces. I got probably whole army few years back but all I did until now was opening the boxes. I am glad they found new home. That lead pile would never see any paint in my place.
Buuut since there always must be balance in cosmos and in the miniatures hobby I also got myself dozen or so minis. To compensate suffering caused by the renovation… And because there’s always some room for more zombies.First bunch was some old Warzone models from Dark Legion – nothing fancy but they were just the missing bits. I also got nice discount for Heresy models: blights and zombies. Always like them but never got any solid reason to get them. 'Till now =]
And finally – pictures!I mentioned some time back I got second hand griffon* model from Empire range. Never played Empire but those old sculpts are just fucking sweet. The model was sold with no rider though so I decided to put Dogs of War character on it. Suleiman al something.Fitting the rider onto the beast was bit tricky but with little help of greenstuff, Dremel and frothers the operation was successful.
Long story short – I decided to made it leaned forward so it looks more aggressive, like just about to attack. Also because of new pose rider has a chance to hit the enemy (the last pic) and doesn’t look like trying to chop griffon’s head off. The pose was also the reason I had to add all those bloody rocks on the back of the base – without additional weight model was falling on the beak non stop.
As for the color choice I had some ideas (also very stupid ones like starting small Border Princes army, led by corrupted character) but all in all I just wanted to see this cool sculpt painted and marked off the list. So I chose natural palette for the beast and purples for it’s master – just for the contrast. That model is not something I like to paint most (haven’t seen zombie griffon yet btw) but I am very glad to see another piece from old Warhammer Fantasy range behind glass of my display case.
Hope you like it as well!

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