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So we already have March but I really hoped to start new month with some sort of a blast instead of solid dose of boredom…

There are many reasons why my hobby-kung-fu was so weak last week:
First of all the Univ – I have to go there 4 weekends in a row so it takes pretty lot of time which I could spend in much more hobby-productive way (and speaking of it – yesterday I passed civil law test ^^).
Another reason is I started some tests with silicon and resin. Last Monday I built some boxes for molds and hopefully soon I will solve the problem of lacking display plinths. I deeply hope to achieve some success because materials I had to purchase costed lots of money so screwing is not an option… Can’t wait to see any results – all preparations take so long…

And speaking of money – there are still severaly days until my auction for CoD:World at war ends and if I manage to sell it (3 watchers so far) – I think I will get Dante’s inferno PS3 game – I’ve been playing it’s facebook version at work (I must say it’s one of a few reasons I’m still alive – recent days in the office are deadly boring) so now it’s time to kill some demons in HD 42″ screen hehehe.

Despite passing week was all in all hobby failure I managed to use a few drops of paint: I started painitng the last Hydra warrior (also hoped to finish it last week…). The model is very early wip so I didn’t bother taking pics but I took wip shot of group display base for my Mid nors.
As you can see all bases are ready and only one of them misses the model.

Pics are crappy therefore tomorrow evening I’m taking some sample photos and hope to get some useful advices on photographers’ meeting (fingers crossed).

Last week arrived I ordered some time ago – I bought it to help pass time while waiting for the classes. It’s Elephants on acid by Alex Boese. That’s right: dosing LSD to elephant is just one tiny example reader will find for human stupidity.

Looks like it’s the end of summary. In a few minutes I’ll prepare my airbrush and paint base colors on chaos lord and sorcerer (from a few posts ago), highlight Lich Lord Terminus and hopefully work on hydra warrior so wish me luck!

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