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Scavvies strike again


I am pretty amazed there is so much going on in my „hobby sphere”:
despite much more home duties + lots of feckin’ boring learning miniatures are getting painted (slowly) games are played.
This kinda reminds me year 2010: for many stupid reasons we were barely playing anything and at the very end of December we were playing a lot to boost pathetic statistics.
Fortunately this year games are played much more ofter – you will see the chart in the annual summary post ^^

So last week I was continuing works on the scaly model. Because there was a match set for Friday night I was hoping to finish it by that date.
But all in all there were too many glazes to be painted so Goliaths gang faced scaly at this stage:

Despite it was late wip stage scaly managed to take out of action one of the juves and get a bit closer to getting an advance. Looks like even partly painted models fight better than unpainted ^^

The day after the match I solved my problem and scaly was finished – and became my second entry for FUUK painitng contest.
I regret I suck bit time when it comes to painting freehands (a tattoo would look so nice here) but I am pretty satisfied anyway.
Looks like it’s time to find a candidate for the second scaly – any ideas?

As for the game one thing is definitely sure:
gaming modules are just brilliant. Setting the table takes just 3 minutes as well as putting it back.
And as for the match itself: it was the first game of new campaign: this time Goliaths vs Scavvies. Scavvies are such a shit fighters but watching 20 models on the table is just priceless!
This skinky mass managed to drive off Deco’s gangers but didn’t manage to conquest any of his terrains and transform it into scolfurous wastes ;(
Oh well – maybe next time: I spent lots of credits for Karloth Valois so the number of my models might reach 25 – 30 minis!!!
And almost half ot it might be plague zombies!!!
Can’t wait to start rolling hehehehe…

And the last thing:
after posting the comment about new Kromlech’s toy (this uber cool buggy) Artur from Kromlech mailed me and told I can get some of the toys for providing photos of painted thing in exchange.
Sure I agreed: most of their products is simply not my cup of tea but this one is fucking sweet! I think it will end up in the glass case rather than on gaming table – such a cool thingy deserves some extra attention:

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